Sunday, February 21, 2010

Hmmmm Kanin...

Whenever People give me advice on how to lose weight, they tell me to stop eating rice... and my reply would always be " E, patayin nyo nalang kaya ako" (just kill me now)

Rice is THE basic food source of us, Filipinos- we are afterall the biggest importer of rice. So, at most, I can lessen my rice intake. gone are the days where I can eat it for breakfast, lunch, dinner. But at certain days, and especially in certain restaurant's Kanin is a must.

I finally got to try the Kanin Club branch at UP Ayala Technohub, last Saturday (Feb 20). I tried it with Germee, who claimed was not hungry- but ended up eating off my orders- as the food was just soooo good.

For starters we had the thai green mango salad (P172)

It had the right amount of crunch with just the right amount of peanuts mixed into it. Sweet sour combination, really started our appetite going even though we just had breakfast a couple of hours ago

Our rice course (yes course) was their popular Tinapa Rice (P149)

This dish is one of the reasons why I can't completely give up rice. The bits of tinapa sauteed in fried rice can stand as a meal on its own. Its good for 2-3 people, but I think I ate 2/3 of the bowl

Germee recommeded that I try the Crispy Tenga (P179) and Im glad I took her advise

Though not the prettiest dish, its as good as it is sinful. You eat crunchy fat along with the pork's crunchy skin. Best combined with the tinapa rice. After eating that though, I won't be eating pork for 2 weeks at least. In fact, after eating it, I felt my head hurt already.

To counter the effects of the Crispy tenga, we also decided to try a vegetable dish called Sigarillas Express(P149)

This is how all veggies should be done. Its like bicol express but much less spicy. I, for one, am a fan of Sigarillas. It's quite rare to have this veggie in a restaurant though, except if its mixed in Pinakbet

We also had the Kilawin na Blue Marlin (P271) that Germee loves but I only found OK and had the Turon KC (P95) for take out. People have raved about their Turon KC but I wasn't that impressed. It the Ube was blah, the Bananas were tough, and I think I prefer my halo halo the usual way and not wrapped in Turon wrapper.

All in all though the Kanin Club food trip was a success. Yes, there was only the two of us. Yes, there were some left over food which my family finished as soon as I gave it to them when I got home.

Kanin Club
UP-Ayala Techno Hub
Common Wealth, Quezon City

Monday, February 8, 2010

Why start this Blog

A lot of people have been asking me to start a restaurant review blog since Ive always been my family and friends' go-to-person when it comes to where to eat. Just give me the occassion, the budget, and location constraints and I can give you at least 3 good restaurants to try out.

Right now, Im starting this site since Im in a "career crisis", when Im not so excited with what I am currently doing but have to stay on with my job because it pays the bills (the rent and the luhos), unless something better comes along (hello to all head hunters- I have skills! haha.). So to keep me excited about facing my computer day in and out- Im using this blog as an outlet to remind me of the things I get to enjoy because of my paycheck... and also to help people looking for a new place to eat, planning a future vacation, and searching for a new activity to do

Let me know what you think of post so I can improve on them :)